The unique advantages of Rimon

Rimon designs complete water recycling and reuse solutions, for clients all over the world. Rimon provides solutions custom tailored  for both the client and the characteristics of the local sources of water.

Rimon solutions draw on the Company’s expertise in the implementation of the most advanced technologies, products, processes and suppliers in systems designed to salvage wastewater or other marginal water sources, upgrade the water to the required purity and channel the water to agricultural or, industrial use, public parks, nature reserves and private gardens.

Rimon designs, engineers and constructs fully equipped, customized, turnkey / BOT water recycling plants and water transportation systems of any size and capacity.


And that’s only the beginning

A Rimon solution takes into account all the vital factors required to ensure the project’s success: The local environment, economic conditions, project financing, regulatory compliance, social values, local governmental policies, infrastructure and more…

As a complete service provider, Rimon also offers optional after-sale support, O&M and management services, which ensure long-term effectiveness and maximum profitability.

Therefore, every Rimon Solution is fully responsive, optimized and economically viable – it will serve the client’s water reuse needs for many years to come.

Rimon in Profile

Rimon Ltd. is a leader in the field of flow-processing recycling infrastructures and water technology solutions.

Established in 1996, Rimon rapidly entered into market as a player with a strong financial structure able to handle large-scale projects, all the way through from initial planning to after-sale support and management.

In view of the scales required Rimon has established five different subsidiaries dealing with water, agriculture and related infrastructure. That is what makes Rimon one of the world’s foremost providers of water solutions in the public, private and government sectors.