Founded in Israel in 1996, the bulk of Rimon’s activity has been in this country. It is where the company gained much of its expertise in all the areas of the water and energy industries, in which it is active and is now taking abroad as it expands its geographic markets.


In Israel, Rimon serves both the public and private sectors in different areas, notably:

  • Leading projects that build infrastructure for water delivery and distribution, laying thousands of kilometers of pipes
  • Treating water for organizations with needs as diverse as de-ionized water in the semi-conductor industry and well water for rural villages
  • As the largest private water reclamation company in Israel, Rimon manages projects to, among other things, treat power plant wastewater, provide tertiary level water for irrigation, and build reservoirs for treated waste water
  • Bringing drinking water to residents around the country with drilling wells and/or upgrading their existing well water to potable levels

The Israeli water industry is recognized worldwide for its innovative solutions to water challenges. With the wide-ranging projects Rimon manages and executes, it contributes significantly to the country’s reputation in this field.

Gas and Energy

Rimon is developing game-changing projects in the field of energy that makes use of natural gas and the use of wind power. With a new company division dedicated to establishing projects, Rimon is currently involved in helping large business and industrial consumers convert from diesel and other high-polluting, high-cost fuels to the use of natural gas for their energy needs.

The wind farm being developed by Rimon will initially supply 60 MW of electricity; it will deliver electricity directly to the grid and will supply enough power for 17,000 households.