Rimon currently brings its expertise to three geographic markets.

Israel, where the Rimon was established in 1996, is the scene for water infrastructure and treatment projects and where it has established itself as the largest private water reclamation company in the country, as well as occupying a leading place in other water-related endeavors such as supplying treated water.

Rimon has lately added two new fields, related to one another, to its portfolio of activities in Israel. They are natural gas distribution and renewable energy.

Globally, Rimon executes water infrastructure and water treatment projects in Africa and more recently, in Latin America, the latter together with its partner Relix, SA, where they provide solutions for traditional water infrastructure and treatment needs in addition to solutions for specialized water-related needs in the mining industry.

Rimon is a dynamic company that seizes opportunities to bring its expertise to new locations around the globe. And, when it identifies other fields it can successfully serve by transferring and applying its know-how, it thoroughly studies the field, takes on the required personnel to effectively further the company’s activities and funnels the experience gained from running large, complex projects to the new area. This is the route the company followed when it entered the natural gas and energy fields in Israel and the mining field in Latin America.