Water Infrastructure

Rimon has led water infrastructure projects that have put down thousands of kilometers of PE and steel pipelines in a variety of diameters using diverse methods in order to distribute and deliver water to the agricultural sector and to private and public consumers. The company is a leading solution provider in this field.

Rimon makes use of different financing structures to get projects off the ground for its customers. These can include BOO, DBOO, BOT, PFI, TK, etc. Rimon manages its projects, all of which are complex, so that they come in within budget and meet deadlines – a challenge when dealing with regulations and regulators.

Rimon specializes in designing, constructing and commissioning water infrastructure projects, including:

  • Water conduction and distribution systems
  • Water and treated wastewater reservoirs
  • Filtration and decontamination systems
  • Monitoring and control systems