Mining Water Solutions

Rimon has recently entered the field of water-based projects in the mining industry, having carried out projects in Chile and Peru – with projects in other Latin American countries to follow.

Merimon Water Solutions, a venture of Rimon together with the Mer Group, is a company that works jointly for selected water-related endeavors. Merimon has partnered with Relix SA, an engineering and systems integration company located in Chile and Peru. Relix serves the water and fluids segments of the mining industry, treating water and building water infrastructures, providing solutions for lixiviation and corrosive fluids conduction, and for industrial and agricultural applications.

Merimon and Relix are engaging in projects where Rimon’s expertise in water infrastructure, treatment and reclamation are brought to bear. These include heap leaching needs such as water systems, pumping stations and filtration systems, as well as dust control, and the design and construction of reservoirs and fluid conduction pipes. The two companies will also be addressing the treatment of effluents resulting from metal extraction processes so that water can be safely returned to the environment or recycled for further use.

In the near future Merimon and Relix plan to bring drinking water to the mining cities that grow up around the areas of mining excavations. Here the need is usually for desalination since generally, only sea water, located at great distances from the excavation site, is available. It must be treated to attain potable water demands and standards and then delivered to the population in question.