Industrial Effluents / Water Reclamation

Rimon’s added value in water reclamation systems

Rimon designs, finances, constructs and operates water reclamation systems and is the largest private company carrying out water reclamation projects in Israel. Each solution it delivers is customized to meet the client’s unique needs, taking into consideration the special characteristics of local water sources.

Rimon designs complete BOT/TK water recycling and reuse solutions from start to finish. It employs the most advanced and appropriate technologies for implementing the required processes and systems to salvage wastewater or marginal water sources and upgrade water to regulation levels of purity that is then channeled to agriculture, industries, public parks, nature reserves and private gardens.

Solutions for treating industrial effluents

Rimon wastewater reuse solutions include: Treatment plants, collection pipelines, storage reservoirs, filtration systems, pumping stations and/or distribution pipelines to route water to their final destination.

Valuable advantages of reclaiming effluents

Reclaiming the millions of gallons of wasted wastewater drained off daily following a single use effectively increases water resources by reusing the vast amount of water that was previously lost. Use of wastewater and other marginal water sources is the most economically viable and most easily available solutions for non-residential water consumers such as agriculture where more land can be farmed at lower costs, for public parks, etc.

In addition to saving costs and water, treating and reclaiming effluents can frequently lead to opportunities to develop new revenue streams.