Gas and Energy

Expanding into new fields, Rimon has recently established a dedicated Energy & Natural Gas division, to execute projects in these areas. A major Rimon goal is to provide cleaner and less costly energy through the use of natural gas and wind power.

Rimon is in the process of laying the groundwork for projects in three areas chosen for development in Israel. Two of the projects involve the abundant natural gas discovered off the country’s shores.

Natural gas distribution

A Rimon and Mer Group joint venture, Merimon Natural Gas North, has obtained a 25 year license to conduct and distribute natural gas to large customers such as factories, hotels, commercial buildings, and industrial parks in northern Israel. This entails laying the infrastructure for distribution and delivery of natural gas, which Merimon is currently carrying out. Converting to natural gas in order to fuel energy needs can typically save from 15% to 30% of energy costs, in addition to the important goal of lowering the environmental impact.

Cogeneration and trigeneration

Rimon’s Energy & Natural Gas Division is constructing small power plants (three to five MW/H) based on cogeneration and trigeneration technologies, a process that uses an engine or a turbine to simultaneously generate electricity and heat (and in trigeneration, also cooling) from a single fuel source – in this case, natural gas.

Rimon’s target customers are manufacturers and commercial consumers that already use or intend to use natural gas as a fuel source. Heating and powering with cogeneration can save customers approximately 15% above the savings earned after converting to natural gas from the crude oil or diesel fuel typically used. Natural gas is also much cleaner, emitting significantly less carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Helping large consumers make the switch

To help its customers adopt cogeneration or trigeneration, as it does in the other areas in which it operates, Rimon gives customers the option of building cogeneration systems on a 15 to 20 year BOT (build, operate, transfer) or BOO (build, own, operate) basis. Rimon finances the projects, carries out the conceptual and detailed design, construction, and once built, operates and maintains the plants.

Wind power – renewable energy

Rimon’s Energy & Natural Gas Division is presently developing a wind farm in the lower Galilee region of Israel which will supply electricity by utilizing the wind to operate turbines to generate power. Initially, the farm will generate 60 MW of electricity which will be delivered directly to the grid, supplying enough power for 17,000 households.

Customer feasibility analysis first

Before entering into any project, Rimon conducts a feasibility study in order to have an informed assessment of the bottom-line benefits to be gained over the short and long term life cycle of the technology and equipment under consideration. Other aspects in addition to cost, relevant to each customer, are analyzed; this can include ease of maintenance, skill-level of workforce, environmental regulatory standards to be met, etc.