About Us

Rimon is a one-stop solution provider whose project execution expertise focuses on three main areas – water and effluents, gas and energy, and water-based solutions for mining. Its solutions for governmental and private sectors located around the globe are customized to meet the unique attributes of each client’s needs and conditions.

As a privately held company with a solid financial foundation, Rimon undertakes large-scale projects where its ability to propose innovative systems that best meet the client’s needs is a key differentiating feature. Specifically, the principle guiding Rimon when it crafts its solutions is implementing the option that offers the optimal total cost of ownership. This is proposed after conducting a thorough analysis of client needs including a lifecycle cost analysis that factors in efficient procurement and on-time delivery, construction, and project handover.

Water and effluents. In the area of water treatment, the company covers all of the complex processes encompassing the entire project lifecycle – from design and building through operation and transfer. Rimon carries out infrastructure construction, groundwater drilling, upgrade and purification, surface water treatment, conduction and delivery, and wastewater and effluent reuse projects, which are environmentally friendly and economically feasible for clients, lead to savings in both water and costs, and frequently to new revenue streams, particularly in the case of water reuse. Rimon implements various business models in order to make projects viable for its clients. These include BOO, DBOO, BOT, PFI, TK, and others.

Gas and energy. A new field of endeavor, made possible by the discovery of large stores of natural gas in the Israeli Mediterranean off-shore region, is the use of natural gas as a source of energy. Rimon partnered with the Mer Group to create Merimon Natural Gas, Ltd., a company providing cost-effective energy solutions. Via its own modern infrastructure, Merimon Natural Gas conducts and distributes clean, natural gas to industrial facilities for use in generating electricity. In a related venture, Rimon is planning and building a wind-based power station of up to 50 Megawatts as well as gas-based power stations of up to five Megawatts for use in cogeneration of electricity and heat. Not only are these methods of creating energy sustainable and environmentally friendly but they are highly effective and cut energy expenses by significant percentages.

Mining. Through its partnership with the Mer Group, the companies created Merimon Water Solutions Ltd., which recently extended its global reach with the acquisition of a fifty percent stake in Relix SA, a Chilean engineering and systems integration company involved in the water and fluids segment of the mining industry. Relix provides engineering and technology solutions for lixiviation and corrosive fluid conduction and management. Working with Relix, Rimon applies its expertise in developing solutions to handle challenges associated with the mining environment such as treatment of industrial effluents, treatment and delivery of safe drinking water, desalination plants, water infrastructure, and more.

The future. Founded in 1996, Rimon Ltd. is approaching its 20th year with a commitment to continuing innovation and versatility and expanding its global presence. It takes special pride in the fact that its projects benefit both individuals in their daily lives and provide environmentally safe solutions to industrial challenges.